Sketchbook Project #15

The past few days, my sketchbook muse seems to have fled!  Too many distractions, I suppose.  Lots of changes at work and upcoming deadlines for other projects.  I was despairing of getting my “sketchbook groove” back in time, and worrying about time made things even worse!  Today I buckled down and told myself that if it gets done, it gets done; if not, I’ll just glue a couple more pages together –  there’s no need to panic!  So, with the pressure off, I was able to get another spread done.  Now I’m feeling much more in control.  (A good place to be.)

I borrowed another idea from TV, this time the shows that feature compulsive hoarders.  (Hey, don’t look at me – I need ALL those art supplies!)

I tore up and glued down a variety of papers, stamped with an assortment of designs and then wrote the names of commonly hoarded items all over the pages.  I was going for a chaotic look, but it turned out rather pretty!  (Good grief.)


One Response to “Sketchbook Project #15”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Too bad that “real” hoarder’s environments are not as beautiful as yours. It must be because you forgot all the garbage and mold. I too “need all my art stuff” though my husband does not always agree. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

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