Sketchbook 11 and 12

I am really getting this thing done!  Now that I’ve gotten some momentum (and the busy, busy holidays are over), it’s going quickly.  I’m sticking to my plan of doing one spread on each of my days off work.  At this rate, I’ll be finished in plenty of time.

This excerpt is from a story I wrote for a swap in which we had to write a short story using specific words from a list.  It’s about a grown man who lives with his nagging, widowed mother.  Has he finally reached the end of his rope?

The next was from a round-robin exchange, in which each of us wrote part of the story.  By the time I received this one, several people had contributed and the “haunted house” theme was well underway.  I’m not personally into ghost stories, but it was fun taking the plot in a new direction.  (Is the girl seeing ghosts or is she actually just crazy?)


3 Responses to “Sketchbook 11 and 12”

  1. lenna young andrews Says:

    your sketchbook is soooooo different from mine and yet I love watching it unfold. : ))) Isn’t that cool!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Your stories in this journal are very gripping! I want to read “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. I am enjoying this immensely!

  3. inge bekaert Says:

    Hello Lisa,

    I’ve been strolling through several blogposts on your journalproject. Wow, do you write all these stories yourself ? You have a vivid imagination.

    Each page is different but also similar because of the black images you use. This makes your book cohesive, but I also like “shadowimages” 🙂

    Congratulations also on you publication in somerset ! I haven’t recieved my magazine yet.. It always takes some time before the magazine arrives here in Belgium. I read every evening in my bed in one of Stampingtons publications before i fall asleep. It gives me good creative dreams ! LOL

    greetings from belgium

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