Sketchbook Project…Zooming Along!

Now that I only have three weeks to get the sketchbook done, I’ve really stepped up getting pages made.  The part that takes longest is writing the story “snippets” – after that, it goes together pretty quickly.

In this spread, the eighth, a hotel maid inadvertently runs across a treasure that can change her life – but will she take it and run, or do the right thing?

The pages are a little wrinkly from being spread with glitter glue; I’m hoping a few days under a stack of books will solve the problem.

This next spread is my favorite so far.  Two boys are on their way to “a job” – but is it legitimate employment, or are they about to break the law?

I was surprised at how well the “cityscape” turned out; I drew it freehand with a big black Sharpie and made the windows with a white gel pen.  Granted, it’s whimsically crooked enough to star in a Dr. Suess book (Who-ville, anyone?), but I think that gives it a certain charm.  🙂


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