Let Them Make Cake

Every so often in the past couple of months, I’ve caught an episode of Cake Boss , mostly when I was looking for something light and fun to watch during dinner.   I absolutely LOVE beautifully decorated cakes and love to watch them being created.  I’m guessing most others feel the same way, as there’s been a glut of cake decorating shows on lately.  Cake Boss is my favorite because of its star, Buddy Valastro.  Buddy is an extremely talented and creative cake decorator who is also a real “out there” kind of guy with a huge heart and a winning personality.  I absolutely adore him.  (Does it help that “Buddy” is also my husband’s name?  Hmmm…maybe.)

I still only watch Cake Boss occasionally, but now I’m hooked on Buddy’s newest show, Next Great Baker, in which ten contestants vie to see who can make the best looking and best tasting cakes.  It’s fun and funny and you really get a feel for how competitive these people are – sometimes to the point of crazy!  (If you caught the episode wherein one contestant threatened another with a steak knife, you know what I’m talkin’ about!)

So this was the inspiration for my next Sketchbook Project spread.  The scene is a cake decorating competition with three finalists, all of whom are out for blood.  Did one of them actually cheat to get to the top???


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