The 12 Tags of Christmas…Day Eight

Santa’s here, Santa’s here!  Or, at least he’s on the way!  Today’s Tim Holtz tag is reminiscent of the joy and anticipation of Christmas eve, when all the “good” little boys and girls (and me!) tried to stay up all night.  Somehow we never did catch Santa leaving all those gifts, but there they were as soon as we woke up bright and early the next morning!

This is Tim’s tag for Day Eight:

The sleigh is a mask from his seasonal mask collection, which I don’t have – actually, have never seen until now!  (I wish we had better stores around here.)  I also didn’t have the cute “townscape” cutting die, nor the metal clock.  So, it was time once again to improvise. 

I made my own mask from paper and cut the little “town” from grungeboard.  The clock is a metal disk with a clock sticker on it.  I do have those metal corners – somewhere – I just can’t put my hands on them at the moment.  So I substituted a bit of the mini tinsel garland that I’ve used on other tags.  (That stuff has been so handy!)  I do have the key – in fact, I have many keys – dimensional, flat, metal, grungeboard…but I skipped adding one because I thought there was enough going on at that end of the tag already.  🙂


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