So I got bitten by the “wanna cruise” bug when a bunch of gals on one of my art-related mailing lists came back from a 7-day trip on which they were treated to classes and parties and shopping and fun!  A similar trip to the Caribbean is scheduled for next September, but when I checked the prices, they were far too high ($750 on top of the “regular” fare, which more than doubles it!) and a “non-crafter” sharing your cabin paid only $200 less than that.  So I scrapped the idea.

Until I found this!  Michael’s Craft Cruise.  It’s the exact same ship and same route, only a month later, and everyone in your cabin pays the standard fare, plus $50 if you participate in the Michael’s “3 crafting days at sea.”  Yep, only 50 bucks!  The classes include beading, altered arts, painting and paper crafting, and they promise goodie bags, a glitter ball reception, make ‘n takes, parties and surprise gifts.  I couldn’t sign up fast enough!  🙂  And now my husband and I are both going for only $100 more than it would have cost for just me to go on the other cruise, and we have an entire year to save up for it.

To that end, I decided to put aside a weekly amount, and of course, that meant making a special “bank” to hold it.  I looked through my stack of cigar boxes and found one that had held cigars called “dreams.”  Perfect!

I decorated the box with a tropical vacation page kit from Tuesday Morning, and have plenty of papers & stickers left over to get a good start on my next project – a travel journal.

Paradise indeed!


One Response to “Cruisin’…”

  1. Cindy Says:

    That will be fun. A friend of mine just got back from an Alaskan cruise but no crafting there.

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