Compendium of Curiosities #14

This week our Tim Holtz challenge over at the lovely and talented Linda’s is called “Masking Basics.”  No, it’s not how to most effectively disguise yourself for Halloween; rather, we are using masks: self-adhesive acrylic shapes that are rather like “reverse” stencils.

I am proud and delighted to say that I did not ruin one single tag this week.

I ruined four of them.

Apparently I am mask-challenged.  (Don’t even ask what went wrong, I could go on all day.)

What I learned: CLEAN your mask before you use it again.  Because it will smear whatever you covered it with onto your clean surface.  DON’T make the mistake of putting your first color down only in the area where your mask will go.  Because you will end up having to put down 25 thousand top layers in order to cover the demarcation lines.  MAKE SURE you put the mask back onto its backing sheet when you’re finished, rather than, say, into a nearby pile of lint/cat hair/pencil shavings/glitter/embossing powder/what have you.  (Two days ago, I would have said this step was self-evident.  Trust me; it’s not.)

Anyway, I did finally manage to produce a mostly successful “basic masking” project.  I used the Tim Holtz crown mask from the mini Regal set, “Crushed Olive” Distress ink, rub-ons from KaiserCraft, a blue Gelly Roll pen and more layers of Americana “Razzle Berry” acrylic paint than you can shake a stick at.  (Not by choice.)


2 Responses to “Compendium of Curiosities #14”

  1. Linda L3 Says:

    Lisa, trust me, it was worth the effort and the sacrifice of four tags! This turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I think Crushed Olive and berry may well be my new favorite color combination! You masking is perfect, and I love the look of using the acrylic paint instead of just different colors of ink. It gives the tag such great depth! The blue-toned photo and pen are a great contrast.

    This isn’t just “mostly successful.” It’s brilliant!

  2. Yelowflower Says:

    this came out too cute…. love those colors and I must admit that I am a bit ‘mask challenged’ too, they will NOT stay put when I use them!!

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