Compendium of Curiosities #13

It’s Lucky Week 13 of the Compendium Challenge over at Lovely Linda’s L3 blog, and we’re learning how to create grunge paper flowers.  Linda went for a Halloween theme in her sample, which made me realize it’s almost that time of year again.  Love her color choices.  Since we’re making flowers, I decided to go with a softer, more “pastel” kind of holiday – namely, Easter.  Of course, at Easter, it’s all about the fairies, right?  🙂

Things I learned: My wee Hello Kitty Sizzix does not like grunge paper.  I tried at first to cut the paper with some sheet music glued on both sides, and almost broke the poor crank on Hello Kitty trying to get it through.  It barely cut through the top layer of paper, and you couldn’t even see the image on the other side!  Next I tried cutting plain, unadulterated grunge paper.  This time it cut most of the way through, but I ended up having to use a scissors to fully cut out the flowers.  Not sure why this didn’t work; the Sizzix dies are brand new (I’d only used one of them once before), but I have promised Hello Kitty I would only subject her to cardstock from now on.

So I ended up painting the flowers with gesso, inking ’em with Scattered Straw, Spiced Marmalade, Milled Lavender, Fired Brick and Spun Sugar Distress inks, then stamping a little “starburst” design several times on each one.  The “fairy land” piece is also grunge paper, and I used Stickles to highlight the stamped design at the top.  I started with one of my “failed” tags from Week One; the color happened to work well with the image.


9 Responses to “Compendium of Curiosities #13”

  1. Plume (sSzanne Bouchard) Says:

    This is so cute! So funny this afternoon I was thinking about the fairy theme. I love the idea of fairies and I was trying to remember the title of a film I saw many years ago where a little girl made a house for fairies with things from the woods, plants, moss, etc… HUmmmm…I still dream about making my own fairy house…

  2. DeannaC Says:

    These grunge flowers are so very unique—just love them.

  3. Kathy Eddy Says:

    This is just adorable! I love that image you used.

  4. Annette Says:

    I never considered using gesso on grunge, thank you for the tip. I love your flowers and the pretty image. x

  5. Linda Ledbetter Says:

    How darling!!! Lisa, I love your fairy-themed card. I think your grunge flowers are some of the coolest I’ve ever seen– the colors and that starburst pattern are so perfectly retro and suit that cute little fairy girl perfectly. This is a a stunning and sweet work of art!

    Glad Hello Kitty survived the grunge attack!

  6. Donna Says:

    Ditto everything Linda just said. Your piece is fantastic!

  7. Shawn Says:

    Poor Hello Kitty! I hurt for her -I have her cousin the black and pink Big Shot maybe you need to get that electric monster that our friend Tim is coming out with. –anyway I love your tag! Those flowers are so whimsical! Great job.–Shawn

  8. Nan Says:

    NO kitties were harmed in the making of this tag, right???? I think your tag turned out quite ovely and Easter in September…of course!

  9. Sandi M Says:

    Beautiful! Gesso – what a great idea! I ended up painting mine because the inks never look right. I’ll be gesso crazed from now on 🙂

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