Technique Book Swap

Lenna Andrews is hosting a technique tag book swap over at Creative Swaps.  Each of us acquired a blank book that consists of ten tag-shaped papers inside square folders (like envelopes, only without the flaps), all held together with two binder rings.  The blank books look like this:

Each of us picked a mixed-media art technique to share; for the swap, we’re to decorate the tag using that technique and include instructions.

I decided to share three techniques, since there’s plenty of room for ’em!  On the envelope, I demonstrated stamping with chalk:

The phrase stamp is a Tim Holtz design.  Because Tim creeps into everything I make these days.  (I blame the economy.)  I probably should have chosen a different phrase, because when the inevitable happened, it was incredibly ironic:

Ooops!  Unfortunately, there aren’t any “do-overs” with this swap.  You get ten tags and ten envelopes; no spares lying around and no way to make a new one!  Oh well – happily, that was the only disaster, and hopefully whoever gets this envelope will appreciate the irony.

On the tag itself, I demonstrated another chalk background technique and also embossing and coloring “waterproof repair tape” from the hardware store.  It took a couple days to make all ten tags, but it was really fun and I can’t wait to see the returns from this swap!


3 Responses to “Technique Book Swap”

  1. lenna young andrews Says:

    Lisa!! What awesome tags. Your style shines through (I love it!) and the tags look so awesome. Thank you for showing all ten tags you did, wow! They look fabulous! : ^ ) lenna

  2. Joy Meadows Says:

    Oh, my! I love all of your tags, Lisa – you have done an awesome job with them. (and the envys) Gotta’ get working on mine.

  3. Cindy McMath Says:

    Wow Lisa, these are amazing! I went to Lenna’s blog to see if most people were collaging or just doing their techniques and saw your fantastic tags! I have been working on mine this weekend and hope to post them in the next few days.

    Cindy 🙂

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