The Sketchbook Project

I’m a subscriber to Lenna Andrews’ Creative Lenna blog, and love getting updates in my email box.  For a little while now, she’s been working on something called The Sketchbook Project.  Inspired by her enthusiasm, I finally decided to investigate – here – and was very intrigued!  And more than a little intimidated.  And maybe a bit doubtful about working on something for months, only to send it away forever.  But after emailing Lenna with all my questions and concerns, her response was so positive and encouraging that I couldn’t wait to sign up!  This challenge is for anyone and everyone; it doesn’t matter your style or choice of materials.

The most fun was picking out a theme.  They change every so often, as only a limited number of people are allowed any particular theme.  Lenna, the lucky gal, signed up early enough that she got to choose “this is not a sketchbook.”  (Talk about a wide-open theme!)

After much consideration, I chose “the greatest story ever told.”  Since I enjoy writing almost as much as I enjoy getting messy with inks and glue, I decided I’d illustrate a little “snippet” of a story on each spread.  That’s the plan, anyway.  We’ll see how things shake out!

My sketchbook and instructions arrived two days ago.  I was beside myself with excitement, especially considering the only other mail that day was a credit card bill and a service reminder from the garage where my husband takes his truck.  (Booooring!)


I love that they included an official library card!  For these books will be made part of the Brooklyn Art Library, where they can be checked out and perused by anyone at any time.  Best of all, you’ll be notified when your book is checked out and by whom!  (How fun is that?)  The books will be going on tour next year; one of the cities is Atlanta, which is about a six-hour drive.  So, yeah…I’ll probably go.

The pages are very thin, so the first thing I did was go through and glue sets of two pages together.  I used my favorite glue stick, Elmer’s Craft Bond Extra Strength, and it worked like a charm.  So now there is a much sturdier surface to work on…once I get started, that is.  🙂

One Response to “The Sketchbook Project”

  1. lenna young andrews Says:

    So cool you are thinking of going to see the sketchbooks on tour, hmmmm. Atlanta? That is the closest venue to me I think. I should check out when & where! So glad I influenced you into getting involved in this project, Lisa and I love that you got a tan cover. I think only blue was available when I ordered. I did not have trouble covering it, though! Can’t wait to follow your progress. Lenna

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