So there was a short discussion on the “All Things Tim” Yahoo group (members are those who love everything by/about/for Tim Holtz) regarding the unexpected and wonderful things you can find at your local Tuesday Morning store.  Someone mentioned the phrase “Tim Holtz Grungeboard” – a veritable battle cry if I ever heard one.  I visited on my lunch hour that very day and found not only the aforementioned grungeboard (two packs for $8.00?  Seriously?!), but a few other fun things, such as beautiful shell buttons in aqua and pink (.49 a package) and Making Memories embossed metal plaques.  They had tied four packs together for $2.99, which I believe was the original price for one package.

And here’s where serendipity comes in.  One of the packs had a “baby” theme.  And the very next day, one of my co-worker’s daughters had a baby boy.  The universe was telling me it was time to make another card.

Of course, there had to be a Tim Holtz element involved, or total chaos would ensue (planets spinning out of control, collisions of unimaginable magnitude, etc, etc), so I dabbed some blue alcohol ink onto the pewter-colored plaques and went on from there with total blue-ness.  (Which may or may not be a word.)

The cherub stamp is by Ducks in a Row.  I won a card contest they sponsored a few years ago and now have many of their beautiful stamps.  It’s about time I started using them again!


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