Compendium #7

“Tinted vision fragments.”  What does that phrase mean to you?  Absolutely nothing?  Then clearly you need to pick up Tim Holtz’s awesome book, Compendium of Curiosities, turn to page 55, and then join us over at Linda’s blog as we learn how to make “tinted vision fragments.”  (C’mon, who could resist?)

I used some of the beautiful paper I made during Week 3, wherein we learned “Alcohol Ink Monoprint,” as the background.  Once again I was able to cover one of my many “mistake tags” that have resulted from botched versions of the various techniques (which are usually botched because I fail to read and re-read and re-read the instructions so I don’t leave out any steps!  I did much better this time). 

Since the same alcohol inks are used for this week’s technique as were used for the alcohol ink monoprint, it was easy to make fragments that coordinated with the background.  Simple and fun!


11 Responses to “Compendium #7”

  1. Kathy Eddy Says:

    This is simply stunning! And that background is to die- for and to think it was a reject at one point! It’s a good thing you kept is because it is so pretty now! I loved this technique.

  2. Linda Ledbetter Says:

    Oh.. my! This is sensational, Lisa! Breathtaking, in fact. Those colors– wow! The Fragments are fabulous with the butterflies, and I love how it looks like there’s a light shining from behind them.

    You could make some seriously wonderful jewelry using these pieces.

    Bravo, girlfriend!

  3. sherry goodloe Says:

    Love the colors you used. They coordinate so well with the butterflies.

  4. craftytrog Says:

    Gorgeous colours!

  5. Annette Says:

    Wowee, this is simply gorgeous. Annette x

  6. Terry Says:

    Beautiful! Love your butterflies!

  7. Helen Says:

    This is simply stunning!!!

  8. Tracy Evans Says:

    Wow you have used more than one technique, your colours are so vibrant and I love the shape of your fragments. Wonderful. Tracy x

  9. Sherry Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! Love the vibrancy of colours and your background is fab too!

  10. Marnie Blum Says:

    Love the butterflies, love the the colors, love this piece.

  11. Linda H Says:

    FABULOUS!!! I love the charms! The colors are spectacular. . .must be because they are my favorites!

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