Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #2

This week over at Studio L3, the weekly challenge is on page 62 of Tim Holtz’s Compendium of Curiosities and is called, simply, “Fragments Basics.”

Last week, I ended up with several tags on which I had practiced the “water stamping” technique and which, because I was doing the technique somewhat wrong, didn’t turn out all that well.  (To put it mildly.)  I decided to recycle one of these by covering it with one of the papers from Tim’s “shabby vintage” line, and then used it as the background for this week’s technique.  How is it done?  You’ll have to get Tim’s book to find out!  And then join us for the weekly challenge; it’s so much fun you might actually explode.  🙂

I stippled some green ink on the background paper to tie in the colors, and smeared some Cotton Candy Stickles around the frame of the image.  The “fragments” were outlined with a copper paint pen so they’d stand out from the background.  I couldn’t resist adding a little bling in the form of pink crystal hearts.

As I’m going to eventually make all the tags into a book, I’ve not been stringing fibers or ribbon through the holes.  I think it would be far too “messy” to have 35 of them hanging out there, not to mention difficult to bind.   However, I envision using a really big binder ring to hold the tags all together, and I’m sure there will be room to add some embellishments once that’s done.  (Whoo-hoo!)


9 Responses to “Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #2”

  1. CuddlyBunny Says:

    Ou, wow! This is wonderful! Awesome use of bling! Thanks for sharing about the paint pen, too. Excellent idea which I’m going to be borrowing very soon … 🙂

  2. Linda Ledbetter Says:

    Lisa, this turned out beautifully! The image is so sweet, and the sheet music looks really cool beneath the Fragments. I love your little touches of bling– the hearts and the copper paint give some sparkle without detracting from the overall soft look of the tag. It’s so pretty!

    Thanks for playing along with CCC, Week 2!


  3. Rhonda Says:

    Gorgeous tag! Your fragments are great and they really do pop, I will have to try outlining them, thanks for the tip. Your tag book will be so much fun – enjoy!

  4. craftytrog Says:

    Beautiful tag!

  5. Rachelle Says:

    I can just see these two waiting patiently for their turns at recital. Beautiful repurposing from last week.

  6. Lori Says:

    Love the sheet music behind the fragments, very cool look! Great tag!

  7. Cindy Says:

    Beautiful…if any part of that is ‘wrong’, I just cannot imagine which part!

  8. Terri Says:

    This is so sweet and so very you! Love the soft little pink bling hearts on your fragments.

  9. Nan Says:

    Hey fellow TH chickie……this is very pretty! Love the copper around the tags. Now if we just had a place to get his stuff around here…no, no forget that 🙂 I’d be broke! Maybe someone will donate….race ya!

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