Monochrome…it gives us such nice, bright colors

…it gives us the green of summers…

Now why did that Paul Simon song pop into my head?  When all I wanted to do was share the tags I’d  made for Lenna Andrews’ super fun tag swap.  (Now “Kodachrome” is stuck in my brain and won’t go away!)  Anyway, the tags are to be monochrome (or have one color that is predominant) and contain a word, a phrase, a poem, a song lyric, etc.  Lenna is going to make tag books for us and I know they’ll be stunning!

Some swappers have chosen to make their tags all alike, while others are doing all different colors.  I used to make all my items alike for swaps, spending a lot of time and thought on the design process and then “banging them out,” but lately I’ve enjoyed mixing it up and making each item unique.  I think it helps that I’ve cut WAY back on swapping and thus have the opportunity to put much more time and thought into the process.

I made nine tags over the course of three weeks; eight for the swap and one for the host.  I’m always interested to see which one the host picks, because it almost never matches the one I would have picked for myself.  And if I’m to be totally honest, I actually made ten tags in all, but ended up trashing the first one, which had a purple theme.  It was pretty awful.  I think it’s because I don’t normally work with purple and I’m not really drawn to it particularly.  Who knows, someone else may have liked it, but at this point, only landfill pickers will have the opportunity to make that call.  🙂

So, without further ado, here are green, blue, orange, black & white, silver, gold, pink, sepia and yellow.  Probably not in that order.


4 Responses to “Monochrome…it gives us such nice, bright colors”

  1. lenna young andrews Says:

    Lisa! Your tags are gorgeous!! I personally LOVE the fact that you have made them all different. thanks so for making one for me, it will definitely be hard to choose!!

  2. Cindy Says:

    WOW! Tough call on which is the prettiest but personally I love silver and all things silver so my fave is the silver one. However, any one of them could be my fave.

  3. Cindy McMath Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I would be thrilled to have any one of these in my book – I love that they are all different and now of course wish I’d done that – LOL Oh well next time! I don’t know which is my favourite design-wise, but I really love Superstition being a big Stevie Wonder fan AND always slightly fascinated by such things as palmistry etc. They are each spectacular in their own way.

    Cindy 🙂

  4. Sabine Schneider Says:

    Wow, I got one of your tags. the lovely blue one. And the butterfly is one of my favourite!!! (colourfly comes from colourful and butterfly :-))))
    Thank you so much!


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