Creative Flag

One of my favorite magazines, Cloth Paper Scissors, is hosting their very first art retreat this coming August.  There isn’t much info yet, aside from this video, but I’m keeping my eye out for updates and starting to dream about going!  I do that a lot, actually – dream of going to various art conventions.  I research travel and lodging and pick out classes and make pie-in-the-sky plans…and then, more often than not, I’m hit with a “reality check” and end up scrapping the whole idea.  Usually this happens when I revisit the class project photos.  And I think to myself, “Okay, why would I take valuable time off work, fly halfway across the country and spend a small fortune in order to learn how to (insert project name here)?  I already know the techniques and could easily figure out how to make my own (whatever it is) just by looking at the photo.”

Of course, the classes are but a small part of the convention experience, and there’s something much more satisfying about making a project with the teacher right there to encourage you and fellow students to share ideas with.  Still, an art convention has to be pretty special to tempt me into actually going.  I don’t know much about the new CPS retreat yet, but I’m ready and waiting to make my pie-in-the-sky plans!

In the meantime, I’ve taken up their call for mixed-media “Creative Flag” entries.  A template is provided in the March/April issue, and the theme is pretty wide open (creativity).  The flags will be strung into a banner and displayed at the retreat, which I think is a pretty cool idea.  Even if don’t end up going, at least a little part of me will be there.  🙂


2 Responses to “Creative Flag”

  1. Cindy Says:

    That is a really beautiful flag. I know what you mean about the classes. I can learn the same thing from a video but I enjoy the fun and companionship of classes. A couple of art stores nearby hold inexpensive classes to learn techniques. I love those because there are always new things to see and lots of laughter. They are much more fun than a video or reading steps on the internets.

  2. Terri Says:

    BeAuTiFuL, Lisa! Honestly, I do believe that is the most stunning flag I have ever seen. And totally you.

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