I Love…Twinchies!

Okay, to be honest, until a month ago I could take or leave twinchies (the big brothers of the inchie world), but I really enjoy Artchix swaps.  They make the submitted artwork into collage sheets for all the players and always include a few extra goodies as well.  A swap package from Artchix is like a party in the mail!

On to the twinchies.  What are they, exactly?  Well, an “inchie” is a 2-dimensional piece of artwork that measures exactly 1″ square.  Twinchies measure 2″ square.  The piece I made for the Mind Wide Open challenge this month (see previous post) is comprised of nine twinchies adhered to a background.  Simple, really, and fun to make.

The Artchix swap theme is “I Love…” and we’re to use the colors green, pink and/or red in our creations.  What do we love?  It can be anything!

I really look forward to getting my swap returns – the work in the swap gallery so far is phenomenal.

Interested in joining the fun?  It’s easy as pie; check out the Artchix Yahoo group.  There’s a postcard swap coming up soon and an “I Love Artchix” ATC contest going on right now.  You can download collage sheets from their shop and get started right away!

3 Responses to “I Love…Twinchies!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I love “I love glitter”! That is me.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Inchies and twinchies are quite the challenge for me, as I have to really abbreviate my thoughts and elements. Challenge is good. These are fun–good color combo.

  3. paulasparadise Says:

    Love your Twinchies – just beautiful! I’m an ARTchix fan too and had a lot of fun making my first twinchie size collages … high fives on your cool collages!

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