“Make It Pretty”

Cloth Paper Scissors magazine is sponsoring their first calendar challenge for 2011 (their sister publication, Quilting Arts, has been making reader-submission calendars for several years), and I couldn’t resist the theme: “Make It Pretty.”

The hard part was working in the 12×12 format.  It’s such an awfully big space to fill!  I prefer 5×7 collages and ATCs; the smaller size is just easier for me.  Still, it was fun to stretch my boundaries, despite a larger-than-life “fear of blank page” syndrome!

Each person was allowed two entries, which is great.  I first worked on a very restrained, regimented piece that appealed to my mild OCD (alas, I’m a compulsive picture-straightener), and then I decided to relax and do something a little more loose and free-flowing (but only just a little).

Unfortunately I can only show a portion of each piece, as I just recently found out that the entries have to be “previously unpublished,” and I don’t want to break any rules!

Hearts United is dedicated to my friend and colleague, Leslie, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was amazed at the vast outpouring of caring, support and friendship from everyone at work; we all put aside our petty differences and came together to help her in any way we could.  Fortunately she is doing well and is in good spirits.  Today she showed me a catalog filled with beautiful hats, scarves and very natural looking wigs that is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  Her chemotherapy starts in about three weeks and we are all confident that she will come through this with flying colors – and lookin’ good, too, ’cause we picked her out some lovely headgear!

(PS: They don’t actually call them wigs – they are “cranial prosthetics.”  We find this endlessly amusing.)

Anyway, my second (only slightly less regimented) piece is called Pretty Birdie.  ‘Cause birds are all about the pretty, with their melodious song, colorful feathers and enviable gift of flight.  I don’t know how I settled on the tropical colors; it just kind of came together that way.


2 Responses to ““Make It Pretty””

  1. Cindy Says:

    Hi there! I can’t wait to see your pieces in full! And then in reading your post I thought “Oh no! I’ve ‘shot myself in the foot!’…I was thinking personal blogs don’t count as being “published”….I guess we will find out – LOL…such fun place, your blog! It is nice meeting you “virtually”…


  2. Cindy Says:

    Oh, and by the way – where did you find postings of submissions to find me? I am only just a little computer literate!

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