ATC = Avid, Tenacious Collector

Okay, I admit it.  I’m hooked on Artist Trading Cards.  Never mind that my giant 3-ring ATC binder is currently V-shaped due to shameful overcrowding.  I simply cannot have enough ATCs. 

And how does one acquire an ATC?  By making one to trade, of course.

Fortunately for avid collectors such as myself, there are hundreds – nay, thousands of like-minded ATC aficianados, and swaps occurring 24/7.  A great place to swap ATCs is at ATCs for All, which also, to a lesser degree, caters to those who covet inchies, twinchies, chunkies and the like.  (No, those aren’t fairy names; they’re various categories of mail art.  Check it out!)

I made several of these for a butterfly ATC swap over at ATCs for All.  Don’t like butterflies?  Check out the dozens of other themes – you’re sure to find one that grabs your fancy.

The background is printed vellum mounted on cardstock and the butterfly is embossed in copper on silver vellum.  I discovered something (else) unique about vellum while making these: it buckles under wet media.  Took me a long time to flatten it out again once the glitter glue dried, and I wasn’t entirely successful in a couple places.  Ah well, we live and learn.

(The words were inspired by Elton John’s Someone Saved My Life Tonight.  Whenever I think of butterflies, that song runs through my head.  “Sweet freedom whispered in my ear, ‘You’re a butterfly.’  And butterflies are free to fly…”)

Moving on: Lenna Andrews’ swaps are always interesting and she posts everyone’s work, which makes them that much more enjoyable.  I appreciate seeing all the contributions instead of just the ones I get back.  Lenna’s latest swap is for ATCs on the theme of “Love Gone Wild.”  The swap only requires four cards, but I always make an extra for the host and one to keep (I haven’t decided which that will be yet). 

I used tiger, cheetah and leopard prints for the backgrounds (thus: “wild”), added a swath of mulberry paper, mounted the main image on foam tape for added dimension, and enhanced the cards with swirls of dark glitter.  And, of course, there is a flower on each one, because I cannot resist adding at least one flower to everything I make.*  (Good thing I have a whole drawer full.)

*Yes, I realize there isn’t a flower on my butterfly ATC.  That’s because (at least to me) butterflies and flowers are interchangeable – each is a delicate and colorful enhancement.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  (Also?  There just wasn’t room for the flower.  It’s not as though I didn’t try.  I’m not made of stone!)


2 Responses to “ATC = Avid, Tenacious Collector”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Butterflies and flowers go together like peas and carrots, Sugarbear. 😉

  2. rachel Says:

    wow! those are really beautiful ATCs. great work. I just recently made my first ATC and want to try some more!

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