MWO “Timely” Challenge

This month over at Mind Wide Open, Gail shook things up a bit for the challenge.  Not only were we given extra time to finish – a full month instead of just a week – but the image is what she calls “more of a vignette.”

And not only did we get more time, but the word prompt this month was “time.”  Frankly, though, there’s not enough time in the world for me when it comes to deadlines.  A week, a month, a year – doesn’t matter.  I always wait until the last possible moment.  Sure, I like to pretend it’s because I’m “cogitating” on the design, but in reality, it’s because I’m busy with distractions like Fishdom and the comments section over at Regretsy.  (Weirdly, I actually get done earlier when the deadline is shorter.  Go figure.)

Anyway, I knew exactly what I wanted to make as soon I saw November’s image.  Having become rather bored by the plain plastic storage in my studio, I’ve been decorating various tin cans to hold paintbrushes, colored pencils, etc.  A friend at my husband’s workplace provided a small coffee can, which I wrapped with batting and the printed out image.  Then came the fun part – embellishing with cotton lace, braided fibers, pom-pom trim, glitter glue, clear gems (which I custom-dyed) and, of course, a flower.  (Because I put at least one flower on everything I make.  It is a compulsion I cannot control.)  Its new job will be to hold my stipple brushes.


One Response to “MWO “Timely” Challenge”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Ooooh, I like that!

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