Sweeeeeet Road Trip

So one of my favorite blogs is the inimitable Cake Wrecks, which features “professional cakes gone horribly wrong.”  The cakes alone are enough to inspire mild amusement, disgust and/or just plain bafflement, but blog owner Jen’s commentary takes it to a whole new level.  If you need a good daily dose of hilarity, I highly recommend it.  I laughed so hard I actually stopped breathing the first time I read Cake Wrecks.  (It was the Thanksgiving turkey cake that resembled “a weird smiley face with its hair on fire” that did me in.)

So I was ridiculously excited when Jen announced that a) she had written a Cake Wrecks book and b) she was going on a book-signing tour, commencing in Orlando.  MapQuest informed me that Borders was a mere 137 miles away by car.  And I just happen to have a car.  It was like fate!

cakewrecks sign sr

When I arrived (quite early), the bakers commissioned to provide a cake for the occasion were just getting set up.  They did an amazing job, combining several “wrecks” into one glorious cake.

cakewrecks cake sr

Shortly after I took this photo, one of the decorators added some roses and leaves to the bottom of the carrot, at which point I informed her that the cake was getting “too pretty” and that she may want to reconsider.  (This was supposed to be a “wreck,” after all.)

Jen and her husband presented a slideshow of their favorite cakes and took questions from the audience.  How cute is she, anyway?  And just as funny in person.  (Thankfully I did not stop breathing.)

jen cakewrecks sr

Afterwards, they judged the cupcake contest.  Alas, mine did not win (I knew I should have gone with the mildly obscene design I first thought of).  When it was time for the actual book signing (and cake serving), the considerably large crowd started mobbing the podium – it was literally “crunch time.”  Before long, I became overheated and claustrophobic, so I just grabbed a piece of cake for my husband* and left.  Yes, before I got my book signed!  But it’s cool – I had a great time and I’m really enjoying the book.  So it doesn’t have a Sharpie scribble in it – meh!  I’m really okay with that.  🙂

(* Because, ironically, I don’t eat sugar.  Read this book and you’ll likely give it up, too.)

So what road trip would be complete without at least one visit to a thrift store?  None that I know of.  I stopped at an awesome Goodwill in Wildwood on my way to Orlando and found several items that made my heart go pitter-pat!  First, this box of vintage get-well cards.

vintage notecards

The pinkness!  The lace!  Roses!  Birds!  Kittens!  ::sigh::  “Seven large cards, seven small cards, seven personal notes” with an original price of $2.50.  The box was thoroughly taped shut (with packing tape, alas), but I was thrilled to discover later that most of the cards are still in there.

inside notecard box

99 cents!  Also found a wedding guest book for the same price.  The cover is a little beat-up, but it’s filled with beautiful, high-quality paper.

guest book

I’m going to alter the cover and use it for something special.  (No, I haven’t decided for what yet – that will come at some point down the road.)  Also snagged a package of awesome luncheon napkins for 59 cents.  There was only one missing!

napkin sr

There are so many cool things you can do with napkins.  I like to glue them down as backgrounds in collage.  You can decoupage them onto eggs for Easter (a la Martha Stewart) or onto large wooden beads.

Finally, there was this small photo album for 59 cents.  It looked to me like a Papaya Art design, though it may not be.  I very much love their style, so even if it’s a knock-off, I still consider it a great find!

possibly papaya


One Response to “Sweeeeeet Road Trip”

  1. Terri Says:

    What a fun road trip! Makes me want a piece of cake or a cupcake! You know I think that may be from Papaya Art. Love the little guest book, so simple, yet elegant. I think your goodies more than made up for not getting your book signed. (I’m sure Dude would scribble in it with a Sharpie for you!)

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