My Latest Obsession

Not long ago it was handbags – couldn’t get enough.  For the past few months, for whatever reason, I find blank journals irresistible.  The library in the city I work in has an annual book sale in the spring and fall that attracts thousands of visitors.  I normally head straight for the art books, foreign language books and mysteries, but this past spring, I discovered  a section of calendars, blank journals and photo albums.  It was exciting to find beautifully bound, high-quality journals (one filled with watercolor paper!) for two or three dollars each.  Since then, I look for them when thrift-store shopping and in the bargain bin at the book store and have amassed quite a collection.

But is it enough?  Hmmm…not yet!  I still get a thrill when I find a great journal at a great price.

So I joined a couple of altered journal swaps recently – it’s time to start getting these things out of my studio…and making room for more!  🙂

My first swap partner loves “retro housewife” images, so it was easy to design for her.  (Can you guess what her name is?)

retro housewife journal

And my second partner loves roosters.

rooster journal

Two down…a couple dozen to go!


One Response to “My Latest Obsession”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You??!!!??! Obsessive???!!! No way!

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