New Compositions

This time of year, school composition books are cheap and plentiful, and they’re so much fun to decorate.  I recently finished one for a Halloween challenge. 

My favorite contests are those in which the entrants are limited in some way, as to the materials, theme, etc.  In the Halloween challenge, we could make anything we wanted, but had to incorporate a Jack o’ Lantern, a page from a book, the date Oct. 31 and the shape of a star.  I had actually forgotten about the “star” requirement until my comp book was done.  After an initial, “Awwww, man!” at the prospect of starting over, it occurred to me I could fix it simply by replacing the smallest of the layered flowers in the corner with a star.  Voila!

halloween comp book sr

I didn’t make the second book for any particular reason except that I love the image of the lady, who actually very strongly resembles a former colleague who left work a few months ago to have a baby. 

audra comp book

The original image already had the wings, but I added a crown because I thought she needed it.  Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that I think everyone needs a crown lately.  I have lots of crown stamps, stickers and rub-ons and use them whenever humanly possible.  Or not humanly, given that I just put crowns on a couple of horses.  This was for a swap called “altered anything,” in which we send an object to our partner, who alters it and sends it on to her partner.  I sent my partner a cigar box; she will alter it and send it to someone else.  My partner sent me this horse-themed switchplate, which I will send to the person I sent the cigar box to.  Eventually, the person who sent me the switchplate will send me something she has altered that she got from someone else.  (It’s far less complicated than I’ve explained, I’m sure.)

switchplate before sr

It would have been convenient to just cover the entire switchplate and start from scratch, but I think my partner would have sent a plain one if she expected it to be as easy as that!  So I did what any reasonable person would do when faced with the task of altering a picture of horses: gave them wings and crowns.

horse swithplate after sr

Also, they are now standing in a field of glittery poppies.

(Wicked Witch of the West: “Poppies.  Poppies will make you sleep…”)

I think we could all use a rest after seeing those “fairy princess” horses, don’t you?


One Response to “New Compositions”

  1. Terri Says:

    Fairy princess horses! I can’t find my words!

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