King Crow

Whenever there’s a swap on Swap-Bot to alter a composition book, I simply can’t resist joining. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Comp books are easy to decorate and useful to boot.

My partner in this swap likes “weird” art and can’t stand cutesy pink stuff. (Okay, I respect that, though I can’t pretend to understand it.) She has a creative husband, which I think would be really cool – that is, unless he were to start trying to infiltrate my stash; then we’d have to have words. Also, I would be devastated if my husband’s art were nicer than mine.  Fortunately, his creativity is in the area of designing things to build from wood.  He’s quite good at it, but it’s always strictly utilitarian stuff, so I have no fear of competition in the area of painting, gluing, stamping, embellishing and the like.

Anyway, my swap partner’s husband amuses her endlessly by naming each of his pieces, “But, is it art?”  Hopefully she’ll like this comp book I decorated for her. I tried to be weird, and it’s definitely not my usual style, but you’ll notice I couldn’t help sneaking in a flower and some bling. (Okay, to be honest, quite a bit of bling.)

crow journal


One Response to “King Crow”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Just can’t leave that bling alone, can ya? You did a good job on weird.

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