What’s Done is Done

Sure, it’s a weird title, but I couldn’t resist the homage to “LOST” (I’m totally addicted to that crazy show, though I try not to let it seep into my everyday life).

So what’s done?  The round robin hosted by lovely Lisa the Librarian over at Simple Journeys, in which each of us sent around a board book to be arted up by the others.  I finished the last spread in the last book last night (and I can’t end this sentence without typing “last” one more time, simply because it’s close to “LOST,” which have I mentioned I’m addicted to?) and so at last it’s time to “close the book” on this “chapter” in….okay, I’ll stop.

Anyway, the theme of this (last) book is “what a wonderful world” (ha! now that song is in your head) and we were to do a spread on what we considered the most beautiful place in the world.  Fortunately it was not required that you choose a place you’ve actually visited.  My grandfather took up world travel after he retired, and Japan was his favorite destination.  He always talked about how beautiful it was, and the photographs I’ve seen are breathtaking.  It’s on my “bucket list” to visit Japan some day (though admittedly that possibility may be as unlikely as some of the other entries on that list, i.e. “Get cuddly with Naveen Andrews” and “Win the lottery so you can buy the entire inventory at Dick Blick“).

The background was done by rubbing chalk on dried gesso (a favorite technique).  I learned how to fold a kimono here, in case you want to make one for your next page about Japan.  🙂

wonderful world


5 Responses to “What’s Done is Done”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Gorgeous! Wouldn’t you just love to get “LOST” there! I adore your layout. It’s truly beautiful. When my brother was in the Navy he was fortunate enough to visit both Hawaii and Japan, he raved about Japan and said Hawaii.. “not so much…

    That summed it up for me and my vacation destination, which like you is as likely as the dick blick dream.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wouldn’t we all like to just step into this picture?? Beautiful layout.

  3. Cindy Says:

    WOW!!!! I can hardly wait to see my book!! I LOVE THIS SPREAD! Japan would be a wonderful place to visit!

  4. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    Oh wow! I want to sit an look at this for hours! What a beautiful, peaceful 2-pg spread! This year, my vacation will be right here in front of my computer, since I spent our vacation $$ on it! LOL! But I’ll be coming back to look at this, no kidding, because it gives me kind of a Zen moment, and it actually makes me feel like I’m there. I LOVE it!!!! XOXO

  5. Lisa Says:

    very nice ! you do alot of work like my sister. She tried so hard to get me into scrapbooking but it just didn’t take. Now I use all my papers I bought to display my LOST necklaces when I mail them out. Or make tags for my other things. you should check out her etsy shop, it’s at trinketsnh.etsy.com She makes alot of birds and things there. Anyway, very nice things you make. Lisa

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