Queen of Bling

I belong to a group on Swap-Bot called “Need…the Preciousssss,” which you may recognize as the catchphrase of  Gollum from Lord of the Rings, who is our beloved mascot.  Like Gollum,  members of the group are irresistibly drawn to treasure; in our case, stuff like squished bottle caps, rusted bits of metal, old paper ephemera and “alterable” thrift store junk.  Everything has potential, after all, whether to save the Shire from evil forces or just to adorn a pretty necklace.

In the group’s latest swap, we’re to decorate a Queen from a deck of playing cards to represent what we’re the “queen” of when it comes to our favorite collection of treasures.  At first I couldn’t decide whether I was the Queen of Glitter or the Queen of Bling, but then I decided that glitter falls into the “bling” category, as does anything sparkly (my favorite kind of stuff)!

When I was looking through my collection of random playing cards, I found most of a deck of “Fancy Feast” cat breed cards that I’d gotten for free a few years ago as a bonus for buying something cat-related (can’t remember what off-hand).  There were only two queens left in the deck, which was perfect, since I had to make one card each for two partners.    And the subject of the cards makes my “royal title” more accurate: I’m also the Queen of cat hair, at least one of which manages to sneak under the tape of every swap package I send out!

queen of bling left

Finally found a use for these awesome crown brads I bought last year.  🙂

queen of bling right

3 Responses to “Queen of Bling”

  1. Nan Says:

    You, queen of bling! Why I would never have thought…well yeah I did!
    Love this deck of cards!

  2. Lisa Says:

    These are adorable! I hope Cynthia doesn’t see these–she will have a conniption!

  3. Amy Steinberg Says:

    I love a cat with a crown!

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