Paris in Spring

That’s the prompt for this month’s challenge over at Mind Wide Open, along with an image that’s all brown and pink and gold and very French and, for some reason, reminds me of a box of chocolates. (Truffles, of course.)

When I sat down to start creating (mere hours before the deadline, as usual), I had in mind the old-fashioned, fancy-schmancy candy boxes with all the ruffles and flowers and ribbons and such. I seem to remember at least one of those from my childhood; though I don’t know if it belonged to my mother or grandmother. Or perhaps I imagined the whole thing.

mwo heart

I just knew I’d find a use for that cream-colored crepe paper I found at the thrift store!  (PS: Pleating crepe paper takes rather more time than you’d expect.)


4 Responses to “Paris in Spring”

  1. Lisa Says:

    This turned out pretty. Now I want a chocolate!
    Oh, the pleating………..

  2. Nan Says:

    Very pretty! I pleated fabric last night myself so I can sympathize….well maybe you had chocolate to help you through it ????

  3. Myrna Says:

    Beautiful! Looked like a lotta work!! 😉

  4. Joy Says:

    This is darling! The first thing I thought after I saw how pretty it was was, “all that crepe paper pleating…patience of a saint…wow…”

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