Ground Control to Major Tom

In March I received Lisa the Lovely Librarian’s book in an altered book round robin I joined last year.  Her book’s theme is “carry me back (to a time and place of your choosing).”  I pondered for awhile on this theme, but nothing was really coming to me.  Then I got an email from my dad (Tom), who lives in New Jersey.  After years of suffering a “bum knee” he was finally going to have surgery.

A few years ago, my dad visited us at Christmas time here in Florida.  We took him to Cape Canaveral, which was a huge thrill, as he’s always been extremely interested in astronomy and the space program.  Unfortunately he was not able to climb up into the tower that overlooked the Kennedy Space Center complex because of his knee.

So my dad was on my mind when I decided to do my spread about the first moon landing, July 20, 1969.  I remember that day vividly, though I was quite young, because it was the first time I ever saw my dad cry.  (Can I say he was “over the moon?”) It was probably also the first time I’d ever seen “live” television. I imagine 95% of the people in America who owned TVs were glued to their sets.  (I tell ya, they just don’t make ’em like Walter Cronkite anymore.)

moon walk page


One Response to “Ground Control to Major Tom”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Fabulous! I love it!! And get this: Remember those little pyramid-like capsules they came back to earth in? I saw the one from this mission! We were in Houston when they transported it back to NASA and we saw it. Somewhere we have a picture of me and my brother standing in front of it, still on the truck. How cool is that? I was just nine years old when this happened, but I was BIG-time into it.

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