Clyde, maybe

Does he look like a Clyde to you?  He does to me. But then, I never was that good at naming things.

stuffie cat face

In any event, he’ll be given a name once he arrives in England at his new home. I’ve never made a “stuffie” before, but couldn’t resist joining a cat stuffie swap. I actually cheated a bit on this one, as I had bought the pre-stuffed black cat shape at a “yard sale” at the local scrapbook store about a year ago. So I didn’t have to do any sewing or stuffing, thankfully. I just came up with the face and did a little embroidery to make “paws” on the end of his limbs.

cat stuffie

My husband doesn’t understand the (literal) “belly button” at all, but he’s not nearly as cute without it.

PS: Now that I think about it, “Clyde” was the name of that annoying orangutan in that really bad Clint Eastwood movie, Every Which Way But Loose.  (“Right turn, Clyde!”) Perhaps it’s just as well that he’ll be getting a different name…


5 Responses to “Clyde, maybe”

  1. Terri Says:

    His little paws look so dainty! I love him! Bonnie and Clyde came to my mind. It’s not such a bad name – it grows on you.

  2. Cindy Says:

    I like Clyde; I think the name fits him. He is very cute. Cats have belly buttons too. One of my cats had to take chemo treatments in his belly button. Ooooch!

  3. Lisa Says:

    This little guy is cute! And that belly “button” is way up on the cuteness scale!

  4. Nan Says:

    Ok…I do want to make a stuffed critter. I love this guy and his belly button!

  5. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    I LOVE Clyde! And the first thing I noticed when I scrolled down to the second photo was his button belly button!!

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