Spring at Last

So I joined a swap in which we’re to make spring-themed bookmarks.  The first was simple, yet a bit time-consuming.  I adhered white embossed floral paper to cardstock, rubbed it with blue ink to make the flowers pop, colored the background with pink chalk, then added some glitter glue accents.  Simple, yet pretty – and so much nicer in reality than a picture can do justice to!

embossed flower bookmark

The second is made of felt with an embroidered edge. I had forgotten how to do the blanket stitch and was too lazy to leave my studio and look it up (yes, I am that lazy!), so I opted to do a more simple stitched edge instead. The flower petals were cut from a sheet of felt I made quite a long time ago and the stem is a bit of yarn needle-felted onto the background. I can’t tell you how long it took to find a good “center” for the flower. I tried all manner of gems and buttons and brads and such; none looked at all suitable until I came across this copper colored upholstery tack, which I enhanced with a smear of pink ink.

felted flower bookmark

I whipped up another felted bookmark after posting this evening.  I used a piece of felt I made using the wet-felting method as the background and cut the flower parts from regular craft felt.  The final touch was a little detailing with a Sharpie.

felt daisy bookmark

Another swap I finished up was for fairy journals. We could buy or alter one. This journal started out in the $1.00 bin at Michael’s. I unwound the wire so I could work on the cover separately, using Lucy’s awesome background technique (see previous post). Lucy has also started drawing in her journal, so I was inspired to try this myself. I decided to make my fairy’s eyes closed, as if she’s dreaming of flying around the woods in the springtime with her little bouquet. I may have gotten definitely got a little carried away with the size of the hair.  This fairy apparently lives in the ’80s, when big hair was all the rage.  (I am SO glad the ’80s are over; my hair does not do “big” without chemical alteration!)  Anyway, I learned a lot and hope to do even better next time!

fairy journal


3 Responses to “Spring at Last”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Oh my goodness…the bookmarks are adorable…but I gotta say I am in love with the fairy journal. She has such a serene look on her face…as if she’s hearing beautiful music in her head. And I like the 80’s hair!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Nice bookmarks. Love the fairy journal. Ha ha on the big hair. I hear you on the chemicals.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Your fairy might be from Texas. She has Texas hair. We do big hair here regardless of the decade.

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