Cherry Ripe

So I got a chance to knit again!  The swap is called “Red or Cherries,” and we’re to make something either with a cherry theme or the color red.  When our partners were assigned, I discovered mine lives in Minnesota.  I’m guessing you can’t have too many warm accessories in Minnesota, just like we can’t have enough bottles of Stickles glitter glue here in Florida.  (Or perhaps I’m projecting.  Hmmm.)

In any event, my partner’s location was the perfect excuse to break out the knitting needles and come up with this roll-brim hat and scarf set.  I got the (rather hilarious) instructions for the hat from Crazy Aunt Purl, whose blog I’ve been enjoying for a couple years. Though her favorite subjects are cats, knitting and the horrors of commuting in L.A., she talks about everything under the sun and is so much fun to read.

The scarf was made lengthwise; my favorite method.  Not only does it take about 1/3 less time to make than a traditional scarf, but it makes its own fringe as you go!

cherries hat and scarf


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