Once in a Blue Moon

That’s about how often I “scrapbook.”  I don’t have that many photos and I’m just not that good at it.  (BTW, it kills me that “scrapbook” has become a verb.  It just seems rather silly, like a pilot explaining that he “airplanes” or a baker saying that he “cakes.”)

Speaking of cakes (nice segueway, huh?), I just discovered what is probably the most hilarious blog in existence.  Which, since it recently won an award for being so, isn’t just me blowin’ smoke.  For a change.  If you have a few hours to kill (you will need them, because once you start you won’t be able to stop unless and until large burly men remove you from in front of your computer and/or you actually fall asleep), check out Cakewrecks.  It has been years since I laughed so hard I spilled tears and actually stopped breathing a few times, but once you reach November, 2008 and see the turkey cake which looks like “an odd smiley face with its hair on fire,” you may have the same reaction.

Anyway!  Moving on.  The whole point of this was to mention that I actually made a scrapbook page.  Over at Bad Girls Kits, they started up a monthly challenge to make something using only the kit’s contents.  I do love a challenge, so why not?  “Scrapbook” I did.  Everything on this page came from the monthly kit, with the exception of the dots of copper glitter along the edge of the circle.  This is my niece, Ashley, at age eight, a picture I’ve used in a few other projects because it’s one of my favorites.  My brother’s nickname for Ashley is “Muffin.”

muffin page

Her face looks odd because there’s a transparency frame on top of it.  That was me being “creative” with the transparency frame.  (Did I mention I don’t scrapbook much?)


2 Responses to “Once in a Blue Moon”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I have been addicted to Cakewrecks for a few months now! Hilarious stuff!! It has become a daily stop. My daughter even had one posted here, the upside down nose.

    Lol on ‘scrapbook’ now being a verb!

  2. lucy edson Says:

    I guess ‘scrapbook’ is a verb, now that I think about it! lol Great use of the kit – I need to pull mine out. 😉

    I will have to check out Cakewrecks – sounds hilarious!

    Great to see you at the Altered Minds meeting! 🙂

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