All I Ever Needed…

Last night I finished a spread in another book for the round robin being hosted by lovely Lisa the Librarian over at Simple Journeys.  This book belongs to Linda Jacobs and her theme is “the songs of our lives.”

I’ve been an Elton John fan since I was 15; back when he was being touted as “The King of Rock” (and/or “The King of Pop”) and showed up in every teen fan mag in existence. I had a scrapbook full of pictures and articles and a poster on my wall that I used to kiss every night before bedtime. (Yes, I really was that silly – weren’t we all at age 15?).  I guess I was unusual, though, in that I worshipped Elton rather than, say, Shaun Cassidy or Donny Osmond.  Paah! Those were mere boys, and I was always interested in men.

Okay, so there were maybe one or two things I didn’t know about Elton back then that might have made a teeny, tiny difference in my perception of him as a potential “man for me.”  Still, he’s one helluva talent and is still cranking out the hits, and one of my favorite songs of all time is 1992’s “The One,” an absolutely beautiful love song that I will never tire of listening to. Fortunately, it also has lyrics that lend themselves well to artistic interpretation!

I started by adhering crumpled white tissue to the pages, then painted them with gesso. When this was dry, I used craft chalk to create the shoreline, ocean and sunset, enhancing the “beach” with a smattering of melted embossing powder. The lyrics (basically the first lines of the song) were stamped with black Memories ink and the title was made by embossing Tim Holtz grungeboard letters with “tarnished copper” powder.  At first I was a bit alarmed, as the embossing ink bubbled up during the heating process, but it actually made the letters look even better. (I love happy accidents!) Love the photo of Elton, too, which is from a book jacket. Lastly I stamped the “wild horses” on thin vellum (the stamp is by Coronado Island) and wrote the corresponding lyrics (all I ever needed was the one, like freedom fields where wild horses run) with a Zig Millenium pen. (You have to turn your head sideways to see the horses.)

It’s a simple layout, but I like how it turned out. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a really good photo; it was windy and cold yesterday, the sun was going down, the left page kept popping up and I was too chilly to stay out there and try and find a better place to shoot! 🙂

the one round robin


6 Responses to “All I Ever Needed…”

  1. Barbara Hagerty Says:

    I LOVE this!! I can’t wait to see it in person! I love the horizontals on the left and the verticals on the right, and how you wrapped the horizontals onto a bit of the second page, but kept the texture on the left! LOVE it!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Lisa, I knew I loved you. This is too funny. Barbara’s Beatle spread seemed like a happy coincidence but this is just too much. There is only “ONE” that I love more than the Beatles and you guessed it. I have seen him so many times in Las Vegas that I am embarrassed to tell you plus numerous other venues outside of Las Vegas. I did get to go up on stage in Vegas he sang to me and yes, it was so very wonderful!! It seemed my entire life had led up to that moment. “And the pieces finally fit.” LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! Can’t wait for you to see what I come up with! And you are right, Bernie writes fab lyrics!

  3. Linda Jacobs Says:

    Oh, this is getting so exciting! I love how you developed the page! Can’t wait to get it back!

  4. Phinny Says:

    Oh wow – I am an Elton fan, too, from waaaaaay back and yes, still today. I care about him as a person, ya know? He’s been a part of my life since I can even remember. I love the song and your artistic interpretation of it. Well done and thanks for sharing that!

  5. Cindy Says:

    Got the book today and it is SO beautiful!! Love what you did to make it look like moonlight on the water!

  6. Sharon Chapman Says:

    Love your entry, nice soft colors. Sharon

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