Design A Cat

Last year I joined an ATC swap in which, using a blank horse outline, we were to “design a pony.”  This year, the same host has created a template for a new swap, “Design a Cat.”

blank cat design

I painted stripes on a page  from an old French novel and then carefully cut out the cat design with an Exacto knife, making both a negative and a positive image to use on two cards.

La Chat 1: Positive

la chat positive

La Chat 2: Negative

la chat negatie

I also made two cards inspired by the whimsical artwork of Laurel Burch. The cat template was transferred onto white cardstock via carbon paper. The elements were added with a black waterproof marker and then shaded with Prismacolor pencils. Gold gel pen and paint pen completes the detailing.

Laurel Burch Inspired: Sun

laurel burch inspired sun

Laurel Burch Inspired: Moon

laurel burch inspired moon

There’s still time to sign up over on ATCs for All, if you’d like to design your own kitty!  🙂

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