“Lost” in ATCs

Tomorrow – back to work.  Today?  Crankin’ out the ATCs!

These are for a “layered bird” swap.

Shouts and Sings:

shouts and sings atc

Birds and Children:

birds and children atc

Bluebird of Happiness:

bluebird of happiness atc

Faithful and True:

faithful and true atc

I  just today joined a swap in which the theme is the excellent and highly addictive TV show, Lost. We’re only to make one ATC to swap with one person, but I couldn’t resist making two versions and will decide later which to send. The background on each is white tissue paper, crumpled and adhered to cardstock then rubbed with blue and green chalk inks. The palm trees are stamped; the rest are computer printouts with some added color via stippled inks.

lost atc 1

lost atc 2


One Response to ““Lost” in ATCs”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Nice birdie ATCs. I recognize the bluebird. I ‘cranked’ out a couple of ATCs tonight that I’ll probably post tomorrow.
    When Lost started rationing new episodes, I lost my patience with it! Kinda wish I knew what was going on this season, but couldn’t bear the tedium!

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