What Has Eight Legs and is Covered with Pink Nail Polish?

So this is quite possibly (unless you count certain Halloween costumes) the weirdest thing I have ever made.

I joined an animal-themed holiday swap in which we’re each to name five animals.  Our partners then make or buy five items for us which correspond to the animals named.  There is also a stipulation that we have to make at least two of the items.

My partner’s animal choices were: panda, owl, deer, “any baby farm animal” and octopus.

I had no problem whatsoever finding the first four animals.  The local thrift store had a pretty glass votive holder with pandas on it.  One of the themes of Martha Stewart’s new line of stickers is farm animals.  I made a cute bookmark with an owl image.  And deer items are quite plentiful at this time of year.  I got one of those novelty plastic reindeer that you wind up and it walks around “pooping” jelly beans.  (Come on!  I had to!)  🙂

That octopus, though…it tormented me.  I searched high and low, even going to forbidding places such as the mall and entering stores that heretofore held no appeal.  I knew I had reached a low point when I found myself getting a look of incredulity from the teenage store clerk at Claire’s when I asked if they had anything with an octopus on it?  Anything at all?  (Please?)

So it finally boiled down to the fact that I had to make something.  I decided to go with a cigar box, since, if it didn’t turn out well, at least it would be useful.  I covered the lid with crumpled tissue, painted it aqua and added squiggles of glitter glue to mimic sparkly water.  The octopus is a coloring book image that I traced and cut from two colors of cardstock and enhanced with a charcoal pencil.  A touch of pink nail polish added just the right sheen to the octopus’s yucky, rubbery skin (wait – is my natural aversion to tentacled monsters showing?  Sorry about that).  And voila – a rather bizarre object that I can declare, without reservation, has never been duplicated – nor should it ever be.

octopus box

My husband, who always responds half-heartedly at best to 99% of my projects, has officially declared this “cool.”  (It tells you much about how our tastes differ, doesn’t it?  Or maybe he just likes it because it reminds him of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.)


One Response to “What Has Eight Legs and is Covered with Pink Nail Polish?”

  1. Terri Says:

    I was beginning to think you got lost in your studio! I was getting ready to send Brutus in after you!

    You know, no matter how much thought I gave it, or how little, I would never come up with octopus! You did a great job with it, certainly!

    And where is your Winter Journal?

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