Holiday Frenzy

Whew – been so busy lately what with cleaning my messy studio (it’s looking so much better!), angeling for swaps and working beaucoup hours to cover for people on vacation.  And just when things are getting back to normal, it’s time to think very seriously about holiday gifts!  I got a small start on Wednesday, though the stores were much more crowded than I expected.  I think a lot of people also had the idea of getting some shopping out of the way before Black Friday – too many, really; enough that we could maybe start calling the day before Thanksgiving “Extremely Dark Brown Wednesday.”  It wasn’t quite as bad as Black Friday…but it was close.  And speaking of Friday – good grief!  I used to think stores opening at 6:00 a.m. was pretty nuts, but now I see that a few are going to open at 4:00!  What are they thinking?!  Who gets up at 3:00 a.m. to go shopping?!

Not this chick.

No, I’ll be busy getting ready to pack up and mail the latest swap projects; like this bookmark for a partner who loves rabbits.  I used the faux metal technique, just because I happened to have all the “stuff” out.  (Wanna try faux metal?  See my tutorial post below.)

metal rabbit bookmark

I also decorated two comp books; the first is for a “winter journal” swap. My partner likes cupcakes and the primitive country look.  Not my usual style, but I actually had a great time cutting out and pasting down all the elements to make this simple snowman. I was going to leave it plain, but in the end I just couldn’t resist adding some glam in the form of Stickles and Crayola glitter glues. I think they add a certain je ne sai quoi, which, of course, is French for “ridiculously tasteless bling.”

snowman journal

The other swap was to alter a comp book, with no particular theme. My partner loves fairies, vintage, handmade papers and the colors green and blue. (Naturally I also had to sneak in some pink.)

fairy comp book

Well, I’m off to the fridge to score some leftover turkey.  We had the simplest dinner you could possibly make for Thanksgiving: turkey breast in a bag, potatoes in a bag and beans in a bag – and I have to tell you, it was way more delicious than anything I could have made from scratch!  (I cook even less often than I sew – and I’m far worse at it.)  The most work I did in the kitchen was mixing up and frosting a batch of spice cupcakes for Dude to have for dessert (from a box and a can, of course).  Because there’s always something more interesting to do than cook!  (Which is pretty much my official motto.)


3 Responses to “Holiday Frenzy”

  1. Terri Says:

    Never Mind! I found your winter journal! Cute!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Love the rabbit…love all things rabbit so I must try your technique. Have you ever done a white metal technique? Thinking Alice In Wonderland white rabbit or some such thing!

  3. nan Says:

    It was me above….there’s also the song White Rabbit which might explain my current state of confusion……Ah just kidding…..:)

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