Mind Wide Open…and an Even Harder Challenge

While I had a wonderful time in New Jersey, it was great to get home again to my messy studio.  I am SO not kidding when I say it’s messy.  In fact, that’s pretty much an understatement.  A gal on Swap-Bot recently posted pictures of her own chaotic art room and asked others to do the same.  This was to prove to her husband that she was not alone in her ability to create awesome artwork – as well as an overwhelming mess. 

At first I was reluctant to reveal just how bad my room was, but as others began to add their own pics of uncontrolled chaos, I was inspired to join in and posted three photos, revealing the horror for all to see.  No amount of Photoshopping could disguise the terrible truth!  Seeing it on the screen, unretouched, really brought home to me just how bad things had gotten.

So, since returning from vacation, it has been my number one priority to get that darned mess cleaned up once and for all!  And by “once and for all,” I mean, of course, temporarily.   Because, honestly?  This will be like the fourth or fifth time in eight years that I’ve done this exact same thing.  Got all excited, purged, cleaned, rearranged, organized…and two months later it’s all a big mess again.  Knowing this has not discouraged me, surprisingly.  I’ve spent three days working on the studio and things are really looking up.  (It would probably help if I didn’t take so many breaks – but, hey – this needs to be as painless as possible or there’s a danger I’ll give up altogether.)

Anyway, another great thing about being in my messy studio is the opportunity to play with paint, glue and embellishments, and what more perfect project than this month’s challenge at Mind Wide Open.  As always, the image provided is simply beautiful all on its own.

beloved image

The word prompt for the image is “beloved.” As soon as I saw it, I envisioned a heart in the upper left corner of the window. Happily, my friend Terri recently gave me a stack of lovely suede paper, one of which was the perfect raspberry color. This time around, I decided to decorate a composition book. I painted the background turquoise and fuchsia, added the image and some lace trim and went around the edges with a yellow ochre ink pad. The copper letters weren’t quite the right color, so I enhanced them with a yellow Sharpie.  Which you can’t tell in the scan at all. But they really are yellow. Or, yellow-ish.

mind wide open 5

As always, I’m excited to see how others interpret this challenge!


15 Responses to “Mind Wide Open…and an Even Harder Challenge”

  1. Terri Says:

    I REALLY love this! Don’t clean that studio, I really think you draw creative energy from it’s mess.

  2. Viola Says:

    Sooo beautiful!! :o)

  3. Sanja Says:

    great piece!!!:0)

  4. Tina Says:

    like what you did with the art..stop by my blog and take a peek at how I interpretted the artwork.:0)
    have a lovely weekend.

  5. stacey merrill Says:

    great interpretation- Love the mix of turquoise & fuscia!

  6. Myrna Says:

    Great job! I love the colors you used!!

  7. mary beth Says:

    I love your work…I also thoroughly enjoyed your tutorials and interview at MWO.

  8. Pam Carriker Says:

    great job! I enjoyed reading about you on MWO:-)

  9. Linda Says:

    Fabulous……vibrant and different from the rest. Well done.

  10. Nan Says:

    Hi Lisa…your project was a great way to use the image. The heart is perfect.

    PLEASE send me the link to messy artrooms. I need to prove it’s ok to be messy too 🙂 I am beginning to believe the messier the more creative..right ????

  11. Lilla Says:

    aloha, don’t worry I will miss due to being away, first in Texas with my kids and then trip to France. Will be back for the Feb. one however. No problems, enjoy it very much. Keeps me thinking.
    aloha Lilla

  12. Lisa Says:

    I like the technique you used on this and how you used an interesting color combination to contrast with the sepia.

  13. Anni Says:

    Like the way you have made the decorate on your composition book and your colours is very good.

  14. lucy e Says:

    I am totally with you in creative chaos!! Why clean when it will only look like that again – very soon! lol

    Love the contrast of blue with the image and your lettering in the title is gorgeous!

    See you this afternoon!

  15. joy Says:

    The lacy/beady embellishment at the bottom appears to be a piece from the beautiful lady’s dress – it brings her to life. Altogether lovely!

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