Circular Inspiration

The latest issue of Somerset Life is my favorite yet.  This publication keeps getting better all the time!  “Imaginative Ideas for Inspired Living” is their motto, and boy do they ever live up to it.  I was especially inspired by this beautiful wreath by Carlene Federer.  The leaves, the birds, the bling – what’s not to love?

somerset life wreath

I was immediately inspired to make my own wreath – and so naturally, there was shopping to be done. Can’t start a new project without shopping! (It’s pretty much my favorite part of any project, and I fully admit that.)  I already had the “bling” – a beaded garland I’d picked up in the bridal department at Michael’s a few months ago when I was on a banner kick – but needed everything else. I couldn’t find white velvet leaves, so I substituted a plant whose leaves look a bit like pale, translucent coins.

white wreath

Thank you, Carlene, for your wonderful inspiration!

I had forgotten how much fun it is to make these.  I used to come up with a new holiday wreath every year to hang on our front door and always gave away the previous year’s to someone at work who didn’t have one.  (We have over 300 employees, so I was never in danger of running out of candidates!)  

Since making this wreath in 2006, I haven’t continued that tradition, and it’s high time I did.  (I’m already looking forward to shopping for the stuff to make a new one!)

christmas wreath

This is one of those projects that photos just don’t do justice to. It’s so much prettier in reality! Here’s a close-up of the blingy-ness. (It will be hard to give this one up!)

close up wreath


5 Responses to “Circular Inspiration”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Bee-u-tiful wreaths! I used to make them, but haven’t in a long time. I like the blingy-ness of the bottom one. The white bird one is a great replica. Brrr!! So wintry looking! Love them both!

  2. nan Says:

    Hey crafty one! …..These are very pretty and I like your version better of the white one better!

  3. spiderlady Says:

    You’ve been Tagged!

  4. indybev Says:

    The plant with the “pale, translucent leaves that look like coins” is called a money plant! Your wreath is beautiful! This is my first time at your blog. It’s great.

  5. Tina Says:

    love the all white wreath..very pretty!

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