Not to be Arch or Anything…

…but the wonderful gals at the Awfully Big Art Adventure have issued this week’s challenge, and it’s to make a fabric arch. There are some beautiful examples on their web site and I couldn’t resist trying one of my own. I’ve never done an arch shape before, nor am I by the furthest stretch of the imagination a seamstress, but I really enjoyed making this.

I zig-zagged the fabric onto a piece of felt that I’d cut into an arch shape (not like the McDonald’s arch, but something rather more pointy), folded the edges back and glued them with my trusty Fabri-Tac (only the best glue EVER), then ran a line of diagonal stitches across the entire piece to create some interest in the background. I already had this image, along with some others, printed onto fabric (and I don’t remember why), so I chose the background fabric based on its colors.

(I chose the thread color based on what happened to be in my sewing machine at the time.  Yes, I’m that lazy.)

I’m thinking of adding a hanger at the top, though I may just forego that and glue the piece to a journal cover instead.

fabric arch

I don’t know why this photo came out sort of fuzzy. The real arch is not at all fuzzy (except for the backing, which is felt and therefore fuzzy by its very nature).


7 Responses to “Not to be Arch or Anything…”

  1. Chris Says:

    Oh what a wonderful arch hun… such amazingly delicate colours in your fabric and they suit your image so well. I still have yet to do my arch but I am getting lots of lovely inspiration from the examples so far 😀
    Loving the added lace and buttons on your fabric arch and the flower and bling just add such a wonderful finish to the whole thing… well done you 😀
    Chris xx

  2. lucy e Says:

    Love the colors in your fabric arch, Lisa!! Beautiful job! 🙂

  3. Lisa Says:

    Lovely arch. I like your thread “choice”, it works nicely with the blue. This is a piece I would like to touch. I’ve never done any art on fabric, but this arch is very inspirational.

  4. Viola Says:

    Wonderful arch! Fabulous work!! :o)

  5. nan Says:

    Love love love this! Would be so pretty as a journal cover!

  6. Linda Says:

    Hi Lisa – sorry I missed your arch but I can’t find a link to you in the original comment box. I’m so glad you’ve let us know now….its a beautiful arch; so soft and romantic. Thanks for taking part.
    Love Linda
    PS I’ll put it on the BAA blog for everyone to see.

  7. Rosie Says:

    Wow Lisa, it certainly sounds as if you’ve bravely pushed your boundaries, and just LOOK at the result! Soft delicate colours and images, and I particularly love the lace and buttons. Well done and thanks for joining in our challenge.

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