Holiday Swappin’

So I joined yet another Halloween swap (hopefully my last, though I do find them very hard to resist) in which we’re to send five items, three of which have to be handmade.  Since I love decorating comp books, I whipped one up last night.

spooky comp book

It’s official: I am completely hooked on glittery chipboard letters.

My swap partner loves rubber ducks, so I thought it would be fun to buy a rubber duck and dress it up like a witch or a black cat or something. Unfortunately, “plain” rubber ducks are hard to come by. The only ones I could find were already “dressed up” – as pirates, princesses, policemen, etc. A pre-dressed rubber duck would hardly qualify as “handmade,” so I reluctantly ditched that idea. But then I had an even better thought. I’m going to get one of those realistic looking crows and make a rubber duck costume for it! I think it will be seriously cute.  Or possibly just weird.  Either way, it will be fun to do.

Of course the other holiday (far too quickly) coming up is Christmas. I joined Lenna Andrews’ “star ornament” swap (there are still openings if you hurry!) and love the idea of decorating a tree with all stars.  I made two sets; the first is an acrylic star on which I adhered a printed acetate cutout and then outlined the edges with glitter glue (Stickles, to be exact. I totally love this stuff).

acrylic star ornamnet

The other is a plain wood ornament that I covered with three layers of embossing powder and stamped with a lace background stamp. I painted the edges and highlighted the raised areas with a copper paint pen. I love the black wire I used for the hanger; it’s copper underneath the black coating, so sanding it reveals some of that and gives it that shabby “distressed” look. (On purpose, even!)

embossed star ornament

Now all I need is a Christmas tree that hasn’t been chewed on by three cats…


One Response to “Holiday Swappin’”

  1. Viola Says:

    Wonderful pieces, Lisa!!

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