Think Pink and Shop for the Cure

October is well on its way, and aside from having one of the neatest holidays ever, it is also my favorite month for the near-perfect weather here in north central Florida.  The humidity is low, the nights are cool and the rainy season is – finally – pretty much over.  I look forward to blue skies, puffy clouds, and the opportunity to spend time outdoors without melting.

October is also well-known for being Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The statistics being what they are, it is nearly impossible not to be affected, whether you know someone, know of someone, or are someone who is or has been afflicted.

Recently I took part in Amber Dawn’s Think Pink Charms Exchange, a swap in which pink charms created by many talented participants will be made into jewelry to be auctioned for the cause. I am absolutely thrilled with the beautiful charms I received in the swap and am hoping I can talk a friend at work into making them into a bracelet for me.

think pink charms

I just can’t resist all that pinkness!

And here’s another way to get involved: Sherry at Esprit D’art, a breast cancer survivor, has set up a “Shop for the Cure” full of her beautiful creations; the proceeds from which will support this worthy cause. What a great opportunity to own something lovely and help out all at the same time. (I think I simply must have one of those digital collage sheets!)


3 Responses to “Think Pink and Shop for the Cure”

  1. sherry Says:

    ((((Lisa))))) I love your post, I love that you love the pinkness and I think the pink charm swap was a fantastic received some amazing work. It never surprises me that when the call is given for a cause, artists are some of the first people who say “count me in”.

    I thank you for talking about Shop for the Cure….and for reminding your readers that in this day and age it is nearly impossible to speak to someone who has not been affected by breast cancer. 1 in 9 women being diagnosed (and let’s not forget the men who are diagnosed) clearly shows us how prevalent this disease has become.

    Remember — October means do those bse’s and get those mammograms. There are far too many of us on this journey now…the fewer the better!!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    What pretty charms Lisa! They would be lovely grouped together in a bracelet. I love that slender calendar, as well. 🙂

  3. 3rdEyeMuse Says:

    Oh! Your the first Think Pink post I’ve seen with one of my charms in the mix … it’s exciting to see it’s “out there” debut. 🙂 This was such a wonderful project to participate in & I am just as excited by the little beaties I recieved.

    happy October!


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