Bohemian Beauty

I tell ya, it takes SO LITTLE to make me dance around the room anymore.  I was absolutely thrilled when I made it through Round One of the Bad Girls Design School Challenge last week, especially since I hardly ever scrapbook anymore and am woefully out of touch with all the latest styles and embellishments.  My scrapbooking addiction last popped its head up sometime around 2002, and scrapbook page design has come a very long way since then, pretty much leaving me in the dust.

But – shock of shocks – I made it through to Round Three!  NO WAY, seriously!?  My jaw literally dropped when I saw my name on the “Honor Roll” this week.  (Granted, it was misspelled, but there it was, bigger than life.)  I was more excited than I would have been if Johnny Depp had suddenly walked in, handed me a bag full of hundred-dollar bills and told me to go nuts at the nearest art supply store.  (What, you thought I was gonna say “rip off all my clothes and have at me?”  Please.  I do have my priorities.)

Anyway, I’m sure it helped to have a great photo.  This is my favorite pic of my niece, taken a couple years ago.  I use it a LOT.

bohemian beauty

Our design challenge this week was to use at least two different patterned papers in our layout. Ever so bold and daring, I used three.


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