Back to School

Cloth Paper Scissors magazine proposed a challenge in their latest email newsletter, Embellishments, to alter a composition book using a “back-to-school” theme. The guidelines, thankfully, are fairly lax: “You can interpret the theme literally as back to school, as a more general ‘learning’ concept, as a memory book that ‘looks back’ or something else.”

(I’m pretty sure I went with “something else.”)

I knew right away I wanted to use this vintage photo of a couple of rather solemn looking little boys. I’m guessing they were unhappy because they were forced to put on long socks and itchy wool suits and stand perfectly still for many long minutes while the photographer did his thing.  However, I’m pretending they’re unhappy because they have to go sit indoors at a desk all day and learn stuff instead of playing outside and getting their itchy wool clothes all dirty.

back to school comp book

Finally found a use for that giant random house number.


5 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. sherry Says:

    If we wait long enough Lisa, there is always a “use” for something we’ve got!!! I love this — I love the sepia, aged look to this to complement the photograph and they are an awesome pair of young men….I think you’ve stayed with the theme beautifully!

  2. Jessica Says:

    What a great project Lisa. It looks like I’ve found a blogger that shares both of my passions: crafting and reading! Fun! 🙂

  3. Cindy Says:

    I saw that challenge too! You did an adorable job…love those little boys and that house #. Too cute!


  4. Nan Says:

    Hey Lisa…..your book looks great…..the one little boy on the left looks so grown up and serious…..You really do a lot of neat pieces!

  5. Greta Says:

    Gorgeous piece Lisa!

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