Blue and Green

I’ve been finishing up a bunch of swaps in the last couple days; in the latest, we’re to send six blue or green items to our swap partner; two of which must be handmade.  Along with several spools of ribbon, a package of vellum envelopes, a string of beads and a couple of charms, my swap package includes this little decorated journal.  My swap partner likes fairies, so it was easy to come up with a theme.

blue green journal

The word “dreams” at the top has one of those really cool clear bubbles on it. I’ve had a brand new package of them in my messy studio for approximately seven zillion years and finally found them again yesterday.

Since the journal was one of those you can get for a buck at Michael’s, I decided to include something fairly special for the second handmade item. I knitted this little handbag (and a few others) from torn strips of batik fabric sometime last year. I used to carry one of them as my regular purse and got tons of compliments wherever I went. (Oddly enough.) There’s a lot of purple in this particular bag, but I think it still qualifies as green and/or blue.

blue green purse

The inside is lined with batik fabric. If a professional seamstress had seen me do this part, she would have fainted dead away (after having me arrested by the Sewing Police). Before sewing up the sides of the bag, I spread a big piece of batik fabric on it, folded it under until it fit and then pinned all around the edges. No measuring, no planning.  (Have I mentioned I’m not a seamstress?)

blue green purse inside

The only time-consuming part was having to sew the liner on by hand – but I’m pretty sure that’s why they invented Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not only is it an interesting show (even reruns from ten years ago), but you don’t actually have to look at the screen much, since everyone always dresses the same and the ship never gets redecorated.


4 Responses to “Blue and Green”

  1. lucy e Says:

    That journal looks slightly familiar – hmmmm. lol

    I love how you knitted that bag – awesome! I never measure either – just sew and go!

  2. Nan Neely Says:

    These are both really pretty…….are you sure it wasn’t me who’s supposed to get the blue green fairy type stuff???? I’m sure it was….accidents happen you know!

  3. Gayle Says:

    I love the purse, and the batik fabric. i can see why it got so may compliments.

  4. sherry Says:

    For “not a seamstress” you never let that hold you back and that’s inspired me who has always been “gun shy” around a needle (except for counted cross stitch and needlepoint which I did for years and am very good at!) — I can do this (even if the Sewing Police want to arrest me). As ever, your wit makes every post a delight!!!

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