Count Chocula it Ain’t…

And speaking of which, I never noticed before that the venerable Count Chocula appears to have, not fangs, but rather, bucky front teeth! Did the marketing gurus at General Mills think fangs might be too scary?

count chocula

“I vant to suck your…vait, never mind – I have no fangs.  Dangit!”

IMO, the scariest part of this stuff is all the sugar, bleached flour and artificial flavors/colors – but who’s counting?  Besides the Count?  The one from Sesame Street, I mean.  Now that boy has some serious fangs.

the count

“Don’t vorry, they’re made of foam rubber.”

Anyway, I joined an “altered journal” swap in which we’re to purchase a journal and decorate the cover. I got mine a few days ago (thanks to a partner who sent super early – LOVE her) and it’s wonderful! She started with a plain composition book, decorated the cover beautifully, complete with bling! – and added dividers (by covering various pages with paper on both sides) and tabs, which are absolutely awesome! I decided I’d add tabs and dividers to mine as well; it really makes the book special.

So it turns out my swap partner’s favorite motif is “sexy female vampires – the sexier, the better.” Okay, then! I originally thought to find a Betty Page-ish, ’40s kind of tricked-out vampire babe with lots of lipstick and a satin cape and maybe a red one-piece swimsuit, but then while Googling “female vampire,” found a really cool sort of wicked vampire bride. (The ultimate Bride-zilla!)  She seemed to cry out for this set of copper wings I’ve had for a zillion years.

vampire journal

Yes, I do realize vampires don’t have wings. But they don’t have bucky front teeth, either, and Count Chocula has been popular for, what?  Twenty years?  All righty, then.


4 Responses to “Count Chocula it Ain’t…”

  1. heididevlin Says:

    Hi Lisa, I just wanted to “thank you” for joining my “Halloween Swap”! I think we are in for lots of fun!…..I will keep you posted!…Enjoy your day!….Heidi XO

  2. lucy e Says:

    That is hilarious, Lisa!! Only you would notice Count Chocula’s buck teeth! lol

    btw – your vamp looks very sexy-scary!

  3. Nan Neely Says:

    So very cool! Love this girl! Buck teeth ROFL !!

  4. sherry Says:

    I think she looks divine with her wings…and doing a sexy vampire…well, we all have our “favourites” and our “likes”…. I never noticed the buck teeth on Count Chocula…and I LOVE the Count’s voice on Sesame Street….he was to “die” for!! lol!!!

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