Mind Wide Open Challenge, Part Deux

This month, the challenge at Mind Wide Open really was a challenge for me. The image they provided, a tarnished copper frame with a mysterious woman peeping through a keyhole, is interesting enough to stand on its own without further embellishment. The word prompt this time is “secret,” which the image most decidedly invokes.

I decided to make a sign to hang on my studio door to indicate there is “mysterious creativity” going on inside.  Because otherwise, you really can’t tell whether I’m in there or not.  I keep the door closed at all times to foil our wandering cats, who enjoy nothing more than to engage in “explore and destroy” missions throughout our house.  And it’s bad enough there’s glitter on everything, but cat hair seems to have a mind of its own, floating purposefully towards exposed double-stick tape and freshly-applied glue. Also, one of our cats has a “sensitive” stomach. (And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.)

door hanger

What the heck is she up to in there?  (Sorry, that’s a secret.)


8 Responses to “Mind Wide Open Challenge, Part Deux”

  1. Karen Mowrey Says:

    Oh how fun this is, great idea and story…so if I make one will it keep out a crazy 5 year old daughter and 3 german shepherd dogs??? hmm, may need to get to work.

  2. dani Says:

    Hey, I still need you to email me at ambitionsdesign@yahoo.com for your address so I can ship your giveaway!

  3. Sherry Says:

    Once again Lisa, you have managed to create a beautiful piece of art from a simple word and a graphic…I know what you mean about the graphic being able to stand on it’s own but I love the colours you’ve chosen to enchance it and what this “secret” means to you!!! I’m glad you entered again!

  4. Nan Neely Says:

    I love your take on this. It is just beautiful. YOu made the graphic so soft and dreamy. You WIN!!!!!!

  5. lucy e Says:

    Wonderful job with the MWO challenge, Lisa!! You created the perfect background for this image! Love the sign idea too. 🙂

  6. Viola Says:

    Great job, Lisa! Looks so beautiful.Love the colors!! Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend! :o)

  7. Kathryn Says:

    What a wonderful sign for your creative secret space. I agree your hubby’s wood backdrop is a perfect place for snapping photos.

  8. Leah Says:

    Did you freehand the swirly design on the top and right side? It is so cool!

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