Recipe Journal

On Swap-Bot, as in life, there are unfortunately a few who don’t fulfill their obligations. “Flakers” is what they’re called on Swap-Bot.  Luckily there are responsible people, too; the “good swappers.” The best of these good people are “Swap Angels” – those who send something to a “good swapper” who has been victimized by a “flaker” so they get something “nice” in the “mail” anyway.  (Whoops, got carried away there for a sec.)

I’ve been swapping on Swap-Bot for a couple of months now and decided it was high time I did some Swap Angeling (not Swap Angling, which could be defined as the act of trying to get yourself into a swap you clearly had no business being in).  Wow, I made up another swapping term! This is fun.

Anyway, the girl I’ve decided to “angel” (on Swap-Bot, that’s a verb) loves a bright palette and says she is getting into cooking and journaling. What more perfect surprise than a brightly colored recipe journal? (If you think of a better one, please don’t tell me, ’cause I’m ridiculously proud of having thought of this.)  It was simple to put together; ingredients were one hot pink lined journal from the $1.00 bin at Michael’s, a scrap of paper, chipboard letters, paint, silk flowers, ribbon and a brad. I have a couple other little items to send along with it, but I’m hoping this will be her favorite. 🙂

recipe book

Yep.  Those are some bright colors, all right.


5 Responses to “Recipe Journal”

  1. Terri Says:

    I think she will totally love this! I have a couple recipe journals, I don’t know what I did without them. Very pretty, and yes, those are some bright colors! (Is that Daisy D I see peeking out behind those flowers?)

  2. Nan Says:

    That is so great of you to angel! I remember a few swaps where angels made someones day. This is so pretty…….she will love it.

  3. dani Says:

    Hey, I have not done Swap-Bot in over a year! Forgot all about it. Fun stuff. Hey come peek at my newest post for a surprise!

  4. Mary Thompson Says:

    I think you were an angel to do this. the journal is really pretty. I would think she would love it.

  5. Sherry Says:

    I call those “juicy” colours…gotta love ’em. As for swapping…too true. There are angels and there are flakers…I love that expression by the way — first time I’ve heard it. And then I heard through a grapevine (and I’ve heard it from more than one person) that there are cliques in swaps…where some people are on the “a” list and get to have “good” swappers and the rest get whatever else is there.

    Ah how sad…just like real life!!! The best part is when you find someone who does a great swap and you just know you have found a gem!

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