Itty Bitty Collages

 I am submitting this post for Mixed Media Monday – this week the theme is “trinchies” – which is what this swap calls “Itty Bitty” collages. Whatever you want to call them, they are a ton of fun! 🙂

When I got back into swapping again a few months ago, one of the first places I visited was Lenna Andrews’ Creative Swaps site. She hosts lots of artsy swaps and posts photos of everything she receives. It’s so much fun to see all the entries in a swap, not just the ones you get back. Lenna is a great hostess; one of the best!

Yesterday I sent off my swap package for the Itty Bitty Collage swap. Itty Bitties are 3″ square collages. I’d never done that size before and it was really fun! Unlike inchies, it wouldn’t take too awfully many of these to make a really nice wall hanging or paper quilt, and I liked having a little bit larger area to work on than an ATC. 

The photo doesn’t quite show the finished product; I added some clear gems to each collage later and didn’t think to take another picture before I sent them off.  IMO, a little “bling” adds a nice touch to pretty much anything.  (Except the cats, who, it turns out, are SO not into being glittered.  Go figure!)

The theme of Lenna’s Itty Bitty Collage swap is “summer.” To me, summer means flowers, butterflies, the music of Nature and, apparently, scantily-clad vintage ladies.

3 inch collages

Seriously, girls…can you hold those flowers up a little higher?


21 Responses to “Itty Bitty Collages”

  1. LizzyJ Says:

    I love these! I might just have to start making them. A nice quick way to feel like I’ev accomplished something artistic!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nan Says:

    These are so pretty…..haven’t done any 3×3’s yet but like this format.

  3. Lisa Says:

    These are fantastic! And I agree completely–a little bling is always good!!

  4. Gayle Page-Robak Says:

    Beautiful Trinchies!

  5. joan in italy Says:

    hey thanx for taking part, nice artwork and so colourful. I didn’t know about itty bitty,, shows that greyt minds think alike…!!! LOL
    a new word to add to my list art words for swaps.
    joan in italy

  6. Kaz Says:

    these are fantastic! gorgeous little collages, love them all.

  7. femmy Says:

    all are beautiful!!!

  8. Kathy Says:

    Simply beautiful!!

  9. ~*~Patty Says:

    Your “itty bitty” trinchies look wonderful! Such beautiful colors and images, very nice!!!

  10. Char Says:

    Wonderful 3×3’s. All of them.

  11. Sandy Says:

    Wow they are wonderful Trinchies.
    Great design, Love them all.

  12. Carole Says:

    very nice pieces!

  13. herminesplace Says:

    Beautiful, love the vibrant colours.

  14. rein Says:

    What a wonderful set ot trinchies!

  15. Karen Mowrey Says:

    Looking good, so fresh and vibrant!

  16. B Says:

    They are all beautiful. What a wonderful collection!

  17. sija Says:

    Wonderful collection! Great colours

  18. Sherry Says:

    I haven’t done Mixed Media Monday for months, not since before I went to California in May. I love what you’ve done Lisa..I love the colours and the composition…really, really delightful!

  19. SarahD Says:

    These are gorgeous

  20. mixedmediamonday Says:

    Great little collages. Just a gentle reminder that if you put a link on the Mixed Media Monday site, you need to put a link back with a mention on your blog. Diane

  21. Seona Says:

    These are great little collages – gorgeous!

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