Sunflower ATCs

Of the many (many) ATC swaps I’ve signed up for lately, this theme was one of my favorites.  I’ve always found sunflowers fascinating, mostly because they’re so frackin’ enormous!  They’re usually depicted as pretty and/or cute in the art world, but in reality, I’ve always thought sunflowers looked like something that could only grow on another planet.  They’re even, perhaps, just a little scary.  Maybe this is because, on the rare occasion I’m in a garden, I tend to think of that scene from Alice in Wonderland in which the flowers have little faces and talk.  Wouldn’t a rose be sweet with a little face on it?  You betcha.  But a sunflower?  Yikes.  Imagine the big ol’ scary face on that thing.  (It would probably have a really deep, ominous voice, too.)

Anyway, my sunflower ATCs turned out cute and not scary at all. This technique is one from my earliest rubber-stamping days; the image is embossed on vellum and colored on the back with markers. I used one of the first stamps I ever bought (this puppy is old). I framed it with black cardstock that was stamped with Versamark and then dusted with interference blue Pearl-Ex.

It doesn’t look like much just sitting there:

sunflower atc

But hold it up to the light, and…BAM!

sunflower in the light

Please pretend not to notice my messy studio in the background.

I’m thinking of packaging my ATCs with instructions for the new owners to hold them up to the light continuously.  It’s a small sacrifice for art, don’t you think?


3 Responses to “Sunflower ATCs”

  1. Terri Says:

    A Sun Catcher ATC! Very cool! (I think it’s a very small sacrifice for art.)

  2. Cindy Says:

    Just gorgeous! And LOL…you have forever changed in my head how I will think about one of my favorite flowers…LOL. Great post.


  3. Sherry Says:

    I’m just loving getting caught up with you. It’s like a small feast!!
    ATC’s that you can see through?!? I’m loving this completely.

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