Magic Wand Swap

So I’m thumbing through the latest issue of Somerset Life and all of a sudden, there before my wondering eyes are the most beautiful, amazing ***MAGIC WANDS***!!!

OMG, I totally want to make one!!!

And then I think…wouldn’t it be cool to have a magic wand swap?  I’m your basic swap-aholic lately, so it just seemed natural to share the obsession!  Imagine the beautiful magic wands that will be made – the more creative people who sign up for it, the better!

magic wand

I am hosting this swap over on Swap-Bot.  If you don’t have an account there already, it’s free to sign up and then you can join in all kinds of wonderful swaps.  There are currently over 500 swaps going on, in every category imaginable!  “Newbies” are limited to five swaps until they have completed three swaps, after that, you can join as many as you like!  I have opened my Magic Wand swap to newbies, so anyone can join in the fun.  Be sure to fill out your profile after you sign up; people use this information to make sure your swap package is something you’ll love!

Here’s the link to the Magic Wand swap:  I hope you’ll join us!  🙂


One Response to “Magic Wand Swap”

  1. Terri Says:

    I signed up!! Hope you’ll approve my participation. I promise I won’t flake – well about this anyway! Honestly, Lisa, I saw the same article and started planning how I’d make it, what I’d use – this is perfect.

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